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The pressure on European companies is significantly tightened by the German legislator and the EU with regard to cybersecurity – rightly so – because in the past decades most companies have neglected to ignore the latest methods of attack on their digital knowledge. Product data, patents, procedures and other company secrets were often stolen in Cyber-Attack. It is not just the companies that are at fault, but the lack of advice, failures of the legislator, insufficient education at universities, the insufficient number of manufacturers of European security assets, the lack of well-trained staff and, in particular, the ability to think like the attacker.

This series of blog articles should help managers to


• Rethink the security strategy in your company
• Optimize safety, make it cheaper and more effective
• Create awareness across all levels
• Integrate new challenge of digitization
• Find, train and promote staff
• Optimize costs related to security products
• Reliably detect attacks and combat them effectively
• Develop and establish a new way of thinking “security”
• Introduce strategic protection of the company through a proven methodology


About the author:

Andreas Wagner has been in IT since 1980 and came into contact with IT security early on via IBM / 370 systems. Through enterprise-wide networks, Internet security, digital forensics (network, computer, mobile forensics), he was commissioned in 2005 to optimise the Security Operation Center of Saudi Telekom. Stops with the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency, various banks in Saudi Arabia, as the Chief Security Advisor for Computer Associates (responsible for 86 countries) and most recently Country Lead for the Incident Response Team Foundstone at McAfee (now Intel Security) and as global SOC manager at RadarServices in Vienna, allowed him to develop a proven SOC and CSIRT methodology and document framework. which is infinitely scalable but still manageable.

At the moment Mr. Wagner is working on the protection of Industrial Control Systems (ICS), the development of Cyber ​​Threat Intelligence search engines as well as honeypots for ICS systems.

About the Author

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